The building that houses the Hofwirthotel St. Martin has operated as an inn since 1524. In former centuries, weary travellers would spend the night here, but it was only with the building of the new Hofwirthotel in 2015 that this tradition of offering accommodation was re-established. Local nobles, the Arco-Zinneberg family, have owned the property on and off since the 16th century. In 2013, the building was reacquired by the Counts of Arco-Zinneberg, who opened the modern hotel on the upper floors. The Counts’ family own a number of other properties in the area including the Baroque St. Martin castle and the Arcobräu brewery in Moos, a small town in Lower Bavaria.
The building’s façade is partly painted a traditional ‘Schönbrunn yellow’, named after the famous Habsburg palace in Vienna and once the colour of the bourgeois class. Today, this yellow stands for sunny hospitality.

Hofwirthotel and Hofwirtshaus: the perfect combination of contemporary hotel and traditional hospitality.

Tel: +43 676 4101198
24-hour check-in
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